Place Bet Price Improvement in Time Bot

From Market Feeder forum: Placing bets away from the back/lay price and getting them matched

I'm currently placing bets several ticks away from the current price in order to get better odds. However after a certain period of time ( say two minutes ) I'd like to drop the price I'm looking for in the ticket in question to attempt to get it matched and then again after another period.

So, for example I place an intial back bet at r_ticks(back_price, 5)

After two minutes I'd like to refresh this to r_ticks(back_price,3)

After another two minutes I'd like to set this to r_ticks(back_price,1)

Is there a quick and easy way to do this without having to set up three triggers to manage it?

Bfexplorer Solution:

The standard bfexplorer bot “Place Bet” offers the parameter: PriceImprovement, so when the bot is executed it places bet on better odds set by this parameter.

In my video I simulated required behavior by manually changing the PriceImprovement. Whenever I had changed the parameter value, the bot reevaluated new conditions and updated placed bet to the new odds.

To automate this behavior I created bot trigger script:


The bot trigger uses the parameter: PriceImprovementValues that can be set like following:


What means that after 20 seconds it is set 2 ticks PriceImprovement and after another 10 seconds the 1 tick price improvement to the best offered price/odds.

The bot trigger executes the action bot with preset initial values of PriceImprovement and ChaseOddsTimeout.