Football Under 4.5 Goals Strategy

From Bet Angel forum: Automation - Back under 4.5 Goals and then Lay same market if odds are below triggered Odds

Basically my method is very simple place a back bet on the under 4.5 goals market normally around 1.09 1.10 odds which then gives the security of knowing the game can have 3-4 goals and I’m still quite happy (although twitching on the 4th goal) to then look to lay with odds under my original start off to guarantee profit, now this system won’t get you rich quick but in terms of how many games get over 4 goals you only need 10 games in a row to build a decent pot, I hope I have described my system well and I guess my question is can this be done automating it?

My thoughts are to have stored values checking the score and noting to then trigger if maybe the third goal goes in but as a newbie i might be pissing up the wrong post!! Any help would be greatly received even if you would like to work side by side on something i generally believe this could be a good system automated and on the right games.

Bfexplorer Solution:

Using “Football Bot”, all we need to do is set StartCriteria parameter to: [Goals] > 0. As the associated market on which we want to execute our strategy is Over/Under 4.5 Goals we must set MarketName parameter to: OVER_UNDER_45

Finally the last parameter to set is BotName, it is the name of action bot we want to execute, in my test I used “Back trade 4 ticks”, so the “Place Bet and Close Selection Bet Position” bot set to open bet position on first selection (so on Under selection) by backing 100 Euro and closing bet position by hedging for 4 ticks of profit.

Of course “Football Bot” is able to execute any action bot, so we can execute different types of strategies.