Horse Racing Distance Bot Trigger

From Bet Angel forum: Identifying Specific Race Length & Qty of Runners

I'm looking to modify a file so that it will identify more than one race length with a specific number of runners per length... Would this be done using a signal?

So therefore it tells Bet Angel to fire a bet so long as the race length is say either, 5f long with 5 runners, 7f long with 6 runners or say 6f long with 6 runners.

All numbers are examples and I would need to be able to easily change the distance & number of runners. Is this easy to implement?

Bfexplorer Solution:

Race distance is encoded in market name for GB, IE or US races in miles and furlongs, for races in other courtiers the race distance is in meters.

If there is need to trigger action bot depending on race distance the following bot trigger script can be used:


Allowed race distance can be set by parameters: MinRaceDistance and MaxRaceDistance.

The number of active runners as trigger parameter can be set by Entry Criteria / NumberOfSelections, and setting the EvaluateEntryCriteriaOnlyOnce to True.