drip feed bot

how do auto upload bets for horse racing to set up drip feed bot? i want to set the horse and the minimum price to back and have the bot spread the bet out based on volume of matched money.

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  • Stefan
    15.6.2020 12:08:38

    In the application toolbar there is button: “Use Bet Event Trader”, clicking on it switches your user interface between ladder one and market grid view.

    In bfexplorer terms we call ladders UI (User Interface): “Bet Event Trader” view and grid is simply: “Bet Event” view.

    Now you can resize or reorganize your views like you want to, switching off not used views or switching on all views you want to use, and then save your layout clicking on View menu item: Workspaces / Add.

    This way you can create different named views - workspaces, for instance I have got “Bot” and “Trading” workspaces. Yes, the trading workspace has ladders, so “Bet Event Trader” view, as the main UI to show market data.

    In my blog you can see different workplaces for football or tennis trading. You can switch between saved workspaces using View / Workspaces / My Workspaces / and selecting one you want to use.

    Last used workspace is automatically loaded when you restart/reopen bfexplorer app.

  • Stefan
    16.6.2020 7:39:57

    Sir, you edited previous text, are you really serious? My comment to this post then make no sense, no attached video. I cannot believe that.