Betfair SDK

Hi all,

I'm trying to get to grips with the SDK.

Is there any way to create the GUI from the SDK - i.e. create ladders graphs etc?


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  • Stefan
    13.5.2020 19:52:50

    My bfexplorer user interface is built as WPF application. In the Bfexplorer/Betfair BOT SDK you can find this project:

    It is WinForms app using backend of my bfexplorer app, so yes you can develop your own user interface using Bfexplorer BOT SDK.

    On the other hand there is a question, why would you do so, if you can extend bfexplorer app by your bot, tool or plugin, so even new user interface (plugin) can be added to bfexplorer app:

    Bfexplorer Plugin Support

    And of course if you are skilled developer you can reverse engineering my app, and as the app application domain and services are separated fro user interface, it is very easy to build your new user interface on whatever GUI platform.

    For instance the same bfexplorer app backed was shared when I developed this web app for betfair:

  • lordarsenal
    18.5.2020 12:43:12



    I tried to get JayBeeBot to work but I am getting implementation errors for IBfexplorer, that they are not implemented - are these missing from the dll files?




  • Stefan
    18.5.2020 15:42:13

    I didn't update sdk to the latest version of bfexplorer assembies. Just add default implementation for missing methods. Actually visual studio offers you such option when clicking on interface IBfexplorer