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i've installed bfexplorer yesterday and i am very baffeled by the software   I've run bet angel and betbotpro but i'm finding understanding bfexplorer a real challange.  is there a manual for the software?


what i'm tring to do is creat a bot that monitors the greyhounds uk races and will place a bet with recovery if x amount of fav loose in a row  is this possable with bfexplorer and if so any help would be appriciated


many thanks 




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  • Stefan
    16.2.2020 15:36:48

    When you open web page, on the home page:

    There is list of main features, the same can be found:

    These twelve main features describe how to use bfexplorer app for your betting, trading or automated execution of different betfair strategies.

    I hope you have managed to open bfexplorer and login to betfair that is the starting point.

    So after opening bfexplorer app and login to betfair, bfexplorer app shows Event Browser view, loaded with Upcoming in-play events.

    When selecting any market in grid view of the Event Browser, the Execute in Strategy / Bot Executor toolbar icon is activated. That means that you can do what “Execute in Strategy / Bot Executor” sentence would suggest, so start your bot strategy on markets loaded to Event Browser grid view.

    You want to execute your strategy on greyhounds markets; it means you need to open greyhounds markets to the Event Browser. You want to execute some strategy, so it means you need to define such strategy adding it to “My Strategies / Bots to Execute” view.

    Your key features you need to familiarize yourself are:

    Market navigation and browsing

    Place bet, Execute till target profit

    Strategy / Bot Executor

    Just browsing forum, you can find a lot of examples for above three features.