BOT SDK not loading Bfexplorer

With the Bfexplorer Bot Sdk, I have installed all the packages and can build the projects, but when I start it I always get exception to Enter Betfair Username and Password.  I have got bfexplorer open.  What am I doing wrong?

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  • Stefan
    25.9.2019 17:13:37

    Not all projects in bfexplorer bot sdk solution are using bfexplorer app as hosting environment.

    Bfexplorer Bot SDK allows you to build your own apps for betfair if for any reason you do not like to use bfexplorer app.

    Projects like:

    BetfairApiConsole, BetfairApiConsoleFSharp, BetfairApiMarketBrowsing, BfexplorerServiceConsole are console apps, so standalone application showing different kind of using bot sdk code.

    JayBeeBot project is winforms app with very simple user interface, integrating existing bot you can find in bfexplorer app.

    Projects like: MyBotTriggers or MyBotTriggersCSharp are bot trigger projects, so yes these two projects could be executing with bfexplorer app as hosting app, and using with bot: “Execute Trigger Bot”

    Projects like: MyCsharpBot or MyFsharpBot are bot assembly projects, and again they can be executed with bfexplorer ap as hosting app, and bots implemented in these projects automatically occur in My Bots to Execute dialog, when adding a new bot strategy. So these kind of bots offer parameters interface for this add bot dialog.

    Project MyConsoleScripts contains scripts that could be executed in Bfexplorer Console tool in bfexplorer app. You can automate bfexplorer tasks or interact with exposed bfexplorer objects.

    You must have at least base understanding of programming in C# or F# programming languge, or any other .net programming languge, for instance Visual basic to use Bfexplorer BOT SDK.

    Please read articles about Bfexplorer BOT SDK: sdk