Betfair Data to Spreadsheet - Any advice would be appreciated

From betfair forum: Any advice would be appreciated

I am currently developing an Excel football betting spreadsheet / model and need to find a way of linking upcoming football matches and odds from the Betfair exchange website into my spreadsheet.

I am an advanced Excel user, but not have technical IT / programming (Python / R) knowledge. Also, terms like 'endpoint', 'ssoid' etc. are new to me, and in getting back to basics, have googled 'API' to understand the main principles.

I have followed the instructions in creating an application name in the API-NG demonstrate tool, where I now have two application key's (demo and live), however have hit a brick wall in what to do next. I am keen to learn, but have become overwhelmed by the technical terms, numerous IT avenues to learn, when all I want to do in link the upcoming football markets and odds into my Excel spreadsheet.

I cannot seem to find any video 'step by step' tutorial's online, therefore any advice would be gratefully appreciated.

Bfexplorer Solution:

Bfexplorer offers BOT SDK, so the project can be built by using BeloSoft.Betfair.API or directly by using BeloSoft.Bfexplorer.Service, two such approaches are described here:


Those are just two examples of how to use betfair api data, but no implementation for saving data in Excel Spreadsheet.

My example presented in this short video uses Bfexplorer Console tool, so app tool allows creating scripts for bfexplorer automation tasks.

Here is my code:


What is advantage of such solution?

Very short code to implement the following features:

Load betfar market catalogs and filters market by total matched volume. My code accepts only markets which already traded 1000 GBP or more (lines 76 - 79).

Load entire market data for allowed market catalogs, so market selections with their traded price and volume (line 81).

Save market data to excel spreadsheet, in my case I use bfexplorer built in spreadsheet, which is compatible with Microsoft Excel, at least on excel data format level. That means that generated spreadsheet can be saved and open with Microsoft Excel (lines 84 - 85).

The entire script code has 91 lines of code. The main execution code starts on the line 72, the rest of code implements saving the market data to spreadsheet.