I apologize!
I did not understand how to fix it
What should do?

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  • Betfair Bot
    26.3.2019 15:25:12

    mscorlib.dll is part of .net installation package, and is installed on every Windows OS, .net is here from 2002, so my question is what you do and on what OS?

  • PleBeY
    26.3.2019 17:43:00

    I'm trying to run a script  TennisBreakPointAlertBot.fsx
    and this problem appeared, below was a description of how to solve it, but it turned out to be difficult for me, English is not my native language.
    Is it possible to help me?)

  • PleBeY
    26.3.2019 17:45:04

    Windows 10

  • Betfair Bot
    26.3.2019 17:55:32

    You have got MSCORLIB.DLL assembly on your computer, because when you installed bfexplorer, the .net libraries already must be installed on your computer.

    Bfexplorer app is developed in C# and F# programming languages, the script you want to run is written in F# as well.

    All you need to do is installed F# language extension to Visual Studio, or any other IDE you use, please read/watch following:

    Betfair Bot Programming for Non-Developers

  • PleBeY
    26.3.2019 20:03:21

    Thank you, it works!

  • PleBeY
    26.3.2019 21:30:03

    To create a bot, a prerequisite is knowledge of a programming language? Or is everything simpler?
    Where to start? I want to make an alert to the tennis bot to notify when the score is 5-4 * 6-5 *
    Or can I buy a bot creation from you?

  • PleBeY
    27.3.2019 1:14:07

     I really liked how TennisBreakPoint AlertBot.fsx works
    so I really want to do something like this,
    but it seems too hard.

  • Betfair Bot
    27.3.2019 9:37:14

    I do simple bot script development for my subscribers for free (that requires up to 1 working hour). I checked the script execution on my server, and no error message was reported, therefore I think you just tried to change the bot code and your changes produced error message you reported.

    Bfexplorer offers standard bots that require no programming skills. You just set the bot parameters and execute such bot. One of such bots is “Tennis Bot” so basically you can set your trigger parameters, and setup an action by BotName parameter that will be executed when trigger criteria are met.

    “Tennis Bot” stops its execution automatically when the action bot is triggered, so repeating bot action again can be made by recursion, what can be done by "Sequence Execution" bot, referring last bot name to execute in sequence to be the name of your sequence bot.

    The last think for your custom bot is “Notification Bot”, so bot that will alert you (speak some text), so similar like in TennisBreakPointAlertBot script.

    I will add such bot to standard bfexplorer bots adding one useful feature which you could see in the “Watch Favourite” bot. This bot displays market selection in Bet Event view automatically, so when monitoring for instance 50 tennis markets, the bot will automatically show in Bet Event view the market and selection on which the bot was executed.

    I will add updated script as well, but my idea was that users willing to share programming bot scripts will do so, therefor I posted tutorial bot scripts for learners of betfair bot programming on my github web page:

  • PleBeY
    27.3.2019 11:37:07

    Thank you!
    You do wonderful things!

  • Betfair Bot
    27.3.2019 21:16:02

    I have just added new bot to bfexplorer called: “Show Market Selection and Alert”. If you want to use it install the latest version of bfexplorer:

    I have created new bot script TennisGameScoreAlertBot.fsx, you can add GameScore parameter adding values like this: GameScores:5 - 4|6 - 5

    Scores are separated by | and are written from position of serving player, have a look at the bot script on lines 49 – 63.