Hello. I can not connect to the program NinjaTrader. Help me to understand. very necessary((

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  • ivan2007007
    3.10.2017 10:38:37

    I have installed bfexplorer. entered the login password Betfair. connected. after I try to connect a ninjatrader and it is impossible. please do a video connection overview. very over. Thank you

  • Admin
    3.10.2017 11:41:47

    Please follow steps shown in the video to articles you can find on the forum, I gave you link to the search result.

  • ivan2007007
    3.10.2017 12:05:54

    when you click on your link, this appears:


    The page you are looking for, doesn't seem to exist.
    Take a coffee break with me , or go back to homepage
    To download and install bfexplorer click on this link.

    in the video reviews this program "bfexplorer pro 2" is indicated for connecting with a ninjatrader, but I can not download it. I downloaded, installed only this vursia: bfsplorer. Already 3 days I sit, and I can not understand ((((

  • Admin
    3.10.2017 13:18:40

    Ok, I have fixed the search url, but web page offers Searching on web pages, so you could just type in Search in site: ninja, and you would get the same search result.

    It does not matter that video is for the old bfexplorer app, it shows what you must do on Ninja app, to allow feeding of market data to ninja trader app through bfexplorer app.

    You must be familiar with Ninja app, to use it with bfexplorer, it seems you are not.

  • ivan2007007
    3.10.2017 14:58:25

    I am very familiar with the ninjatarder. Through it I trade in financial markets. I watched all your videos. The fact is that you have a completely different program on the video, this "bfexplorer pro 2". This program "bfexplorer pro 2" I can not find on your site, I think this is an old version. I did not find the instructions for connecting the new version. Help me understand the connection to ninjatrader.

  • Admin
    3.10.2017 15:08:12

    Did you read at least one of articles, the search result for ninja returns?

    If not read this, and my comment:

    Extension Ninja Trader

    There are 4 steps you must do, and all will work, as you can read cardurco user confirmed that as well.

    He used the new version of bfexplorer as well, as this website presents only articles to the new bfexplorer app. With the new release of bfexplorer I deleted all old articles, but I left the old ninja video as it is relevant information to setup ninja app first.

  • ivan2007007
    3.10.2017 16:19:00

    I recorded a short video. Look here please. what am I doing wrong?

  • Admin
    3.10.2017 16:54:43

    You must select selections in NinjaTrader tool, so this way you declare which selection/s will be monitored when you click on Monitoring button. At the moment of clicking, in the Instrument column appears the selection name, so SEL1, ..., so in Ninja app you know which exact selection from betfair market is assigned to your chart.

    So, man what you did? You clicked on Monitoring but having no selections selected, so no data were transferred to Ninja app. Actually, almost by chance, the first selection was almost selected when you resorted selections by clicking on a column, click on selection row, so the background of selection changes, you know that selection is selected right?

    You are not 2 years old so you already learned, that when pressing on Ctrl keyboard, and then when clicking with the mouse on other rows/items in the list view/grid view, you add selections, are you familiar with that?  

    In the old version of that tool, you can see checkboxes, left from the selection name.

    I noticed you have got 0 on betfair account, so the chance is you have got delayed data from betfair.

    Another point, man I really do not know what you do, but watch your video yourself, can you see in bfexplorer Open Events, any open market?

    No, we cannot see it, so I believe the NinjaTrader tool, was left there from previous tests, there must be a link between bfexplorer and the NinjaTrader tool.

    Forgive me, but please take my advice, just try to think when you do anything computer related. Yes, on your video I can see you are quick user, me in my 52 years, I am not so quick, so maybe, therefore, I have got time to read what UI presents on the screen, and think before clicking :-)


  • ivan2007007
    3.10.2017 17:50:23

    Thank you!!! I understood. It was necessary to press ctrl and select the tools that interest me !! All the best to you )