MySpreadSheetDemo- syntax error in 1 line

Hi again

Can't thank Stefan enough for his help thus far.

Here looking to set icon values via trafficlights setup in DevExpress spreadsheet.

Intellisense gives format but again at a loss.

I have searched high and wide to find solution .... F# and DevExpress no support given.

The latter part is in C# and i have attempted to massage to no avail.

As I have said before I am taking the slow road , but also not wanting to post up a 1000 errors , again any help is appreciated.

let cfRule = worksheet.ConditionalFormattings.AddIconSetConditionalFormatting(worksheet.Range.[sprintf "$D$3:$D$%d" (market.Selections.Count + 2)], IconSetType.Arrows3, ConditionalFormattingIconSetValue[] { minPoint, midPoint, maxPoint } )

Best rgds as always Sean


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  • Admin
    4.9.2017 10:05:26

    Sean, I would really suggest to read what Visual Studio reports when you try to build your bot project.  

    Similarly to betfair api project (BetfairApiConsoleFSharp) where you had to reference bfexplorer assemblies, in MyFsharpBot project there are another 3 libraries you must reference, libraries from devexpress.  

    Well, I do not think you bought that libraries so default path to those libraries must be replaced to bfexplorer app folder: 

    C:\Program Files (x86)\BeloSoft\Bfexplorer 

    Yes, I bought license to those libraries, as I used them for bfexplorer UI. 

    Just watch video I prepared, it also shows how to debug bot with Visual Studio and running bfexplorer app, just set: 


    Debug / Start external program: 

    C:\Program Files (x86)\BeloSoft\Bfexplorer\Bfexplorer.BotUI.exe 


    Command line arguments: 

    YourUserName Password True 

    True at the end will say bfexplorer to run in practice mode when debugging your bot. 


    Build / Output path: 

    C:\Program Files (x86)\BeloSoft\Bfexplorer\ 


    Open VS as administrator, because VS will copy assembly/s to Program Files folder.

    Now you are ready to debug your bot project, bot assembly/s will be copied to bfexplorer app folder, otherwise you would not be able to debug your code, your bot shares bfexplorer assemblies and bfexplorer loads your bot assembly. 

    Frankly to say I do not remember whether I had given you Bfexplorer BOT SDK source code. I am very busy last month's with 2 other projects, so the chance is you are using old bot sdk projects, therefor you have got problems with changed interfaces and so on.  

    I removed BOT SDK from public usage couple months ago when finding out that bunch of Indian developers uses Bfexplorer BOT SDK to quickly build betfair apps utilizing bfexplorer libraries.  

    They simply used JayBeeBot project from Bfexplorer BOT SDK solution, and built customers projects from freelancer and similar freelancer web sites, of course they were paid, but no me, they stole my intellectual property, not saying that betfair itself do not support, or do not offer betfair api for developers from some countries:  India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka or UAE. 

    Actually, the fact was reported to me by accident, as one of those Indians customers who paid for such project needed to change some features in his betfair app, so he contacted the Indian developer but never got reply. He was clever enough to look at to app folder finding out that his app uses assemblies which names starts with: BeloSoft.Bfexplorer 

    So he googled it and find my website and contacted me through my info email, asking why I did not respond to his emails.  Well yes, that is the Internet where there are quite a lot of fraudulent people.  

    Be warned when you asked developers on freelancer to build you betfair app.