Bfexplorer console code - help

Hello All again

I wish to thank Stefan again for his help via the video with the BetfairApiConsoleFSharp code
- help post.What a relief!.

I was able to get it up and running relatively quickly and pain free.

I am still puzzled why i can't seem to get the 1 line FSharp Script going in the BF console.

Again I appreciate any help that might explain my problem.

Cheers Sean

System.Console.WriteLine "print test" System.Console.ReadLine() |> ignore

While the 2-liner above will run.

The following F# Script i have copied won't

printf "Active market %A" bfexplorer.ActiveMarket won't.

The error message is 

Time Message
30/08/2017 5:36:43 PM "FsiEvaluationException:
 input.fsx(1,66): error FS0039: The type 'Service' is not defined.
Input: let mutable __hook = ref Unchecked.defaultof<BeloSoft.Bfexplorer.Service.IBfexplorerConsole>
Exception: Yaaf.FSharp.Scripting.FsiEvaluationException: Error while compiling or executing fsharp snippet. ---> System.Exception: Operation failed. The error text has been printed in the error stream. To return the corresponding FSharpErrorInfo use the EvalInteractionNonThrowing, EvalScriptNonThrowing or EvalExpressionNonThrowing
   at Microsoft.FSharp.Compiler.Interactive.Shell.FsiEvaluationSession.commitResult[a,b](FSharpChoice`2 res)
   at Microsoft.FSharp.Compiler.Interactive.Shell.FsiEvaluationSession.EvalInteraction(String code)
   at d.evalInteraction@1083.Invoke(String arg00)
   at d.save_@1060-2.Invoke(Unit A_0)
   at d.a[a](TextWriter A_0, TextWriter A_1, FSharpFunc`2 A_2)
   at d.save_@1059-1.Invoke(String text)
   --- End of inner exception stack trace ---
   at d.save_@1059-1.Invoke(String text)
   at d.session@1088.a(String A_1)
   at g.a[a](IFsiSession A_0, String A_1, a A_2)
   at BeloSoft.Bfexplorer.BotApplication.BfexplorerConsoleController.a()
   at c.CompileAndEvaluate@153.Invoke(Unit A_0)"



Comments ( 2 )

  • Admin
    30.8.2017 11:42:18

    Try to reinstall the latest version of bfexplorer, it seems to be a problem with assembly obfuscation. 

    By the way, you know that bfexplorer assemblies are built on .net 4.7 and F# 4.4.1. 

  • Sean2309
    30.8.2017 12:57:30

    hello and thanks again Stefan

    my assemblies are all up to date.

    wont get to the reinstall til later.

    ill report back.

    cheers sean