My Betfair Bots

You can use betfair bots if your trading strategy is suitable for automation or conditional trigger betting and trading.

Bfexplorer offers following betfair bots:

  • Place bet
  • Be the first in queue
  • Fill or kill
  • Close selection bet position
  • Close selection bot position at odds
  • Place bet and close selection bet position
  • Tick offset
  • Scratch trading
  • Trailing stop loss
  • Close market bet position
  • Execute on selections
  • Execute bots
  • Execute on associated market
  • Execute till target profit
  • If then else
  • Chain execution
  • Concurrent execution
  • Repeat until
  • Execute trigger bot
  • Football bot
  • Tennis bot
  • Stop market monitoring
  • Trailing stop loss on market


The first ten bots are action bots. These bots implement basic conditional bet placing or trading.

The last four mentioned bots are control bots which allow creating custom bots from existing action bots. In my video I used Place bet bot and Repeat until bot to create Drip feed bot.

There are two ways to start a bot execution on a market selection.

In Bots to Execute view you select a bot you want to start. If you trade on ladders using Bet Event Trader then a selection on which you want to start your betfair bot is selected in Market Selections window. To start bot execution on selected market selection you can click on Start button.

If you name bot category when creating your bot and name it exactly: My Ladder Bot, then your bot is added to bots which you can execute from ladder context menu.

In this case your bot takes entry parameters from your current ladder settings. Bet type is set to back or lay depending on which column you clicked when opening ladder context menu. The price/odds parameter and stake parameters are set as well. The price/odds parameter is used to set minimal or maximal accepting price depending on bet type, so when backing MinimumOdds parameter is set and when laying MaximumOdds parameter is set to corresponding action bot. The stake parameter is set too.

This approach brings a lot of flexibility, but on the other hand you must know what you do. For instance in my Drip feed bot I set RepeatUntilParameter to Number of Iterations. In this case was better to use Total Stake, knowing how the bot parameters could be changed when starting your bot from ladder context menu.

You can read more information about all betfair bots, in the following articles: BOT