Case Study 23 - Execute a one click 15% edge from a back

From Bet Angel forum:

Can Bet Angel Pro execute a one click 15% edge from a backing a horse. I`m looking at a tick offset off 15% hedge on the back stack that can be carried forward into the in play horse market if necessary.

Bfexplorer Solution:

Bfexplorer trading bot is called: “Place bet and close selection bet position”. This trading bot offers a lot of parameters we can set to change a trading bot behavior exactly to our needs.

In our trading scenario from Bet Angle forum we need to set following parameters: AllowPlacingBetInPlay: True, AtInPlayKeepBet: True, OfferMyBet: False (or True if we want to offer our bet), ProfitLossType: Percentage, Profit: 15, Loss: 30 (or 0 if we do not want to close bet position in loss), ClosePositionImmediatly: True.

We name this bot setting: Trade 15% profit or 30% loss

The bot name does not mention whether the opening bet will be back or lay bet, because we will use this bot by executing it directly clicking on “To Back” or “To Lay” cell in ladder. To activate such one click bot activation we must switch on “Use Ladder” by clicking on it in “My Bots to Execute” view, and selecting the bot we want to execute.

Now we are ready to open our bet position clicking on a ladder cell. In this operation mode, the selected bot is executed with stake, bet type and odds parameters taken from “Place Bet” toolbar panel, so in my video I set Stake 100, and clicking on To Lay column, cell 2.78 odds, I forced the bot to placed lay bet with 100 Euro stake, and limiting the bot to place lay odds with maximal lay odds to 2.78. After the opening lay bet was matched at 2.76, the bot calculated profit target odds , from liability 176 Euro so the edge bet was placed at 3.15 odds to take 15% profit when matched.

The second trade on another market selection was open with stake type: tick profit set to 2, and as I clicked in “To Back” column, this trade was open by backing.