Kill the bot

Not thought about the possibility of killing others bots?



My bots trading on Greyhounds markets. Crazy market, huge gaps, speculation weight of money, etc.

On 1-4 Selection my bot Place Bet and Close Position bot trying trade out profit.

On 1,3,4 Selection Open bets traded

On 3rd Selection Close bet traded to Profit.



on 2nd Selection - no trade, but I don't need continue this bot in action - KILL the Bot

and on Selection 1,4 I have Open position and the best way is KILL the Place Bet and Close Position bot and run Be the First in Queue bot with others parametres



Attention: IDEA ONLY for discussing. Thanks

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  • Stefan
    19.9.2015 16:06:11

    It is not possible to implement a general bot which would implement such features for “killing” running bots. There is always necessary to specify exact “killing logic”.

    The only way how to do it is to program own bot trigger, this bot trigger feature is here exactly for such kind of features, to orchestrate bot execution.