Horse Racing: Trade 2 ticks profit on each race

To setup a trading bot use Place bet and close position bot. You can set the bot to open your bet position with back or lay stake.

To instruct your bot to place your bet on a favorite, set the parameter Selection/SortSelectionsBy: Last Price Traded, and the parameter ExecuteOnSelection to 1.

You can create different alternatives of this bot setting entry criteria, or different parameters for opening bet position and close bet position.

Using custom bot trigger you can use this trading bot as the action bot, and your bot trigger bot will set on which selection you want to execute this bot with different entry parameters depending on your trading model.

It is good practice to test your bot in practice mode, mainly if you want to execute your trading in automatic mode, starting your trading bot for instance on each race 2 minutes before race start.

At the end of my video I showed how to setup such automated trading system using Bot Executor.