Bfexplorer - Your Guide to Betting Smarter

This week I exchanged couple of emails with betfair Australia BDP team, and as this discussion could be interesting for others here are some questions. BDP team: “While some of the tutorials on our automation site may not be necessarily profitable as currently offered, the main focus that we ...

Betfair Greyhound Racing Model Using Deep Data

Today I had been browsing Internet looking for some information about machine learning and betfair bots. I found Betfair Australia web site: The web site presents best trading tools for betfair and polarizes machine learning and automation of different battings ...

Tick offset manual betting

Hello Forumites. Is there a Tick offset function for manual bets also? Could anyone tell me how to activate it? Cheers

Dutch Bet Aggregator

Bfexplorer offers two tools to automate bet strategy execution on betfair: Bot Executor Bot Executor for Selections The “Bot Executor” tool executes your bot/s at set time on a market and your bot then evaluates the market and decides on which selection the bot is executed. The ...

Save Software Windows and General Display

How may I save this software app windows, configured preferences and general display every time app is closed, so I don't have to reconfigure everything again each time I log in and app is reopened ? Thanks alot Stefan

Custom Built Bot and Back Dutching

This short video tutorial shows how to setup custom built bot using the Execute Trigger Bot. First unblock zip file and its content unpack in the bfexplorer app folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\BeloSoft\Bfexplorer Your custom bot is compiled into the ...

Stake Percentage of Available Balance

If you want to place your bet defining the bet stake amount as percentage of your available balance, then you can use this bot: “Stake Percentage of Available Balance”

Automatic Stop Monitoring Markets After Matches are Over

Hello, which is the automatic way to stop monitoring football markets after the matches are over ? i.e. Stop Monitoring a market 3 minutes after a match is over. Thank you

Automation for scalping

Hello, I am very new to trading and new to this software. Is there a way I can get scapling done via automation? I am unsure of how I can do this on the sofware. I am looking to make sensible % profits each time and gradully build my bank. Can I get the exact instructions on how to set this up ...


Hello, can you please show me how I can load ladders of a number of particular horses at once so that I can manually scalp the markets? I am talking about a good size % of the screen as seen in some of you videos. Thanks