Execute Till Target Profit Bot

The Execute Till Target Profit bot is a strategy type of bot executing your action bot till target profit is reached. In my video I used Lay favourite strategy on greyhounds markets. This video is just demonstration of the Execute Till Target Profit bot, do not use this strategy till you make your ...

Named Selections Horse Racing

Is it out of fashion to place a bet on a named horse selection....either to win or lose? Most of the bots now adays seem to be heavily biased towards trading. Are there any forumites out there who are still backing named selections? There are plenty of bots which enable bet placement but the reverse ...

Free trial

Dear Sirs, after installation of your product, I try to log in, but I need to enter "activation code". At this moment I want to try your software and compare it with BetAngel (the one that I use at the moment). I never used bfexplorer before. How I can try it for free?