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Kill the bot

Not thought about the possibility of killing others bots?   Example: My bots trading on Greyhounds markets. Crazy market, huge gaps, speculation weight of money, etc. On 1-4 Selection my bot Place Bet and Close Position bot trying trade out profit. On 1,3,4 Selection Open bets traded On ...

Profit/Loss Switch

Hi, some guys brought me to the idea with easy "switching", easy chaining bots with switch by profit or loss of the current running (ending) bot... No complexity.   Situation example: 1) Horse racing 2) Run "Place Bet and Close Selection Bet Position" bot on Selection 3a) If the bot make ...

List of custom scripts - Execute Trigger Bot

Some scripts to use with Execute Trigger Bot ------------------------------------------------------------   Back 0 - 0 and Lay Draw script - Download Trigger - Football Back 0 - 0 Lay Draw   My Staking Plan script - ...

Profit History - first easy trading analyzer

Hi, is there any output from Profit History?   ------------------ In my full automated strategy I need to analyze some running process. Not for trading, only for analyze - for example usually behavior of market, if profit is bigger or loss smaller anytime, or the profit is ...

Courtsiding sensitivity

is there anyone who uses the "coutsiding sensitivity" - canceled bets, big offers etc.   Can Bfexplorer indicate this?

Bot Trigger - Miro Strategy

Hi,sometimes I must kill bets which are too far from "trading edge". Placed by me or by bot.   What do you think, will be useful the parameter which kills bets in the distance bigger than 10 ticks from last traded odds?For my "healthy" liquidity certainly.   Feature is for: - running ...

Ladder - better reading of situation

I have problem with quick reading of prices on the ladder. For example: Horse racing In-play markets; Football markets after suspension etc. I must see an EDGE between the best Back price and best Lay price.   ---------------------------------------------   I drew my idea. Odds ...

Custom bot script - quick help

Hi Stefan, I would like test some trading case. I need modify Place bet bot.   UPDATE: 4-July-2015 Key features: 1)  Place bet at concrete Odds - I have list of Odds on which I want place a bet, and Stakes ... for example:   2) Place bet only when additional variable ...

Results of trading cycles vs. staking plans

In a fully automated trading I need any tool for evaluation of trading. For example: the robot Place Bet and Close Selection Bet Position traded 20 cycles...Is it better use flat staking plan or not? Can I upgrade behavior of the bot? How And where? ----------------------------- Any hint or ...

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