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Login problem



Since yesterday I can use BF explorer.

It wont allow me to get to login page.

I have reinstalled the program, but still no luck.

I have a screenshot which I can provide if you can send me your email address.



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Comments ( 3 )

  • keramstugua
    22.9.2017 14:21:19

    It should be : "Since yesterday I CAN'T use BF explorer."

  • Stefan
    22.9.2017 16:49:18

    You did not report back whether what I suggested helped you to solve this issue, but from my authorization service records I can see you have successfully logged in now.  

    Bfexplorer saves some settings to AppData folder, one of them is the application layout when added through Workspaces menu. 

    The folder can be found here: 

    C:\Users\YOUR WINDOWS USER NAME HERE\AppData\Roaming\BeloSoft\Bfexplorer 

    Delete this folder when having problems with bfexplorer app start up.

  • grande trader
    18.11.2017 20:00:01

    I do not know why I can not log in to Bfexplorer Free

    Every time I try to log in to Bfexplorer Free the following message appears:

    Failed to activate API subscription: INVALID_SUBSCRIPTION_TOKEN