Cancel Bets on All Markets

What you can watch in my video is how to use Bfexplorer Console to cancel all unmatched bets on all open markets. I placed back bets on 8 markets. In Open Markets view I showed how to group by selected column, such operation is available across all grid views in bfexplorer. To cancel all bets I ...

Reload bot

I would like to take a doubt, the end of each bot is possible to have an automatic loading of the bot, for example bot 1 -> back place bet -> 1.80 close -> 1.90 winner reload bot 1 in the same positions if the value comes down again and.. use place bet bet selection and close position, ...

Finder odds, pre-game and in-play

Hi Stefan: Would it be possible to incorporate a finder odds in your app? For instance: Pre-game: Multiple Finder: CS 0-0 @> 15 + MO Draw @ <4 + O-2.5 @ <1.8.Simple Finder: MO Favorite @ <1.5 In-play: CS 0-0 @ < 4 Draw @ <2 Thanks in advance  

Button: "Hedge the entire market"

   Hi: Why this discrepancy in the "hedge the entire market" between the two softwares?          

Project Inspiration 2

Step 1: Go to: the name of the linked courses at the top. This so we onlygrab data for races that has tipsters. Step 2:Software go to RacingPost.Com. And now it take out the 1stand 2nd favorite name and odds for all races if the odds isbetween 2/1 and 7/2 ...

Bot Trigger - Miro Strategy

Hi,sometimes I must kill bets which are too far from "trading edge". Placed by me or by bot.   What do you think, will be useful the parameter which kills bets in the distance bigger than 10 ticks from last traded odds?For my "healthy" liquidity certainly.   Feature is for: - running ...

Betfair Live Video + Statistics

Hi: Would it be feasible to create an extension in the application that links to live video and statistics Betfair?     Thanks in advance

Small improvements

Hi: The application is great to advanced level, can create a variety of bot, but after several years using bots have found no beneficial long-term strategy. I guess I'm pretty clumsy. Therefore, I prefer the trading manual or semi. And this is where I see the application has some basic ...

Trigger betting from spreadsheet

Have made several attempts (not with Bfexplorer) to trigger bets into betfair via Excel spreadsheets.I am able to get my results records to load into the spreadsheet OK,but i cannot see any reference to there a way to operate trigger betting within Bfexplorer? I am ...

Some minor issues

€ vs. Kč